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The sole of Little Shoe Studios

Founded in 2015


Small business feel with BIG ROI

Little Shoe Studios consists of creative entrepreneurs at the top of their industries, all of us strive to re-inject the human element into the digital world. You'll receive high quality work in addition to working with our friendly, pretty freakin' awesome team of creatives.


blending Authenticity, digital content and artistry

Maintaining your true voice will always be our top priority. Our content creators and strategists develop a relationship with your brand and mission. Through creative solutions we make sure your online presence feels as real as you are.



Not in Chicago or Denver? No worries! We have zero problem with hopping on a plane and meeting you wherever you need us. We've been to Las Vegas, Toronto, Washington D.C., Nashville, Costa Rica...

(the list goes on...) and we never want to stop adding to it! 


Meet the Team


Little Shoe Studios consists of talented, top of the industry artists. 

Learn more about a few of our department leads!


Andy Schu


Eric Formato


Andrea Reynis


Michael George



D.M. Schreiner


Ryan Wiechmann






Tom Hemerka


Mindset + Mission

Mission Statement:

To inspire authenticity and transparency in a digitally driven culture; to celebrate the human experience using digital content; to support and assist in the success of socially aware businesses; to value artists and their work by proving they can make livable wages and do what they love.

Defining what the company does for its clients:

Little Shoe Studios strives to re-inject the human element into the digital world by maintaining businesses’ authentic voices and exemplifying transparency while utilizing technology to tell clients’ stories.

Defining what the company does for its CONTRACTORS:

Little Shoe Studios values artists and the creative entrepreneur. Our mission is to ensure that our artists are valued in a very real and monetary way in addition to creating a space for their best work and visions to materialize. We operate from an abundance mindset, meaning we believe there is enough work and success for all of our artists to make livable wages and do what they love.

Defining what the company does for its owners:

Little Shoe Studios allows Andy (owner) the freedom to use her creative vision and passion for leadership, as well as the freedom to set her alarm for whenever she chooses and wear sweatpants while editing.



Little Shoe Studios supports the following, possibly controversial ideas.

  • Human equality (including lgbtq+, poc, disabled, undocumented, women, nonbinary, homosapien)

  • Legal cannabis

  • Businesses should be honest and transparent

  • Businesses content should encourage and support positive social change

  • Artists and creative entrepreneurs can/should make as much money as any other profession


Rather than a demand-and-serve dynamic, Little Shoe Studios prefers to work with our clients to reach a common goal. The clients’ success means our success, so we obviously want to do our best work for them. We will not tolerate clients who do not value artist’s time or who are generally disrespectful.

As a general rule, we take on clients we believe in.

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